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Practice Registration and non-Discrimination Policy

The Bermondsey & Lansdowne Medical Mission (BLM2) operates a policy to maintain an Ďopen listí and register any person resident within the practice area.

You can register with the practice providing you live within the practice area (click here to see map). You will be requested to provide proof of address such as a utility bill, tenantís agreement, bank statement or another form of official documentation. If you cannot provide this information please let the reception team know.

If you are staying at an address within the practice catchment area for less than 3 months and need to use our services you can register as a Temporary Resident.

To Register

We will need you to provide the following items:

  • Registration Form (completed in full and signed)

  • Proof of Address and a completed Health Questionnaire

Completed forms should be given to one of our receptionists and you will need to provide proof of address at this time.

Please make sure you complete all the forms as fully and accurately as possible to avoid any problems with your registration. All forms provided below.

The Practice does NOT discriminate in its registration or care of any patient on the grounds of race, ethnic or national origin, social background, religion, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, age, physical disability, medical need, learning difficulties or mental illness.

The Practice has disabled access.

Staff and other patients have the right not to be intimidated whilst in the practice. Aggressive or racist behaviour will not be tolerated.
Click here read more about Patients Rights and Responsibilities.

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